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Merlin Homes grew as a love for creative home ideas developed into kitchens, full renovations, additions and new residences. Dale Raymond remodeled his first two-bedroom house providing a residence for his parents. Later he designed their retirement home. With his wife Alysan and son Donald, subsequent challenges for efficient use of spaces led to many opportunities in applying quality construction techniques.

With Donald’s interest in architectural design, the Raymonds traveled to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and its many examples of fine home styles. After purchasing land in the Valley, design ideas flourished. A first project began as a workshop and ended as a weekend retreat. This magical transition led to its being named “Merlin's Workshop.”

As they enjoyed working together transforming concepts into reality, the stronger the thought became of establishing a business based on their interests, talents, and experiences. Reflection deepened into desire to build lasting homes for people to enjoy. To this end Merlin Homes was established, focusing on the best quality and highest values to rule direction and manage results.

Picture of the Raymonds


Dale Raymond, PhD, has 30 years experience and is licensed in Virginia as a Professional Engineer.

Alysan Raymond, MBA, facilitates the business of your homebuilding process into a gratifying experience. Her skills help put the custom in customer because each family has special needs and desires to manifest their personal lifestyle.

Donald Raymond, BS, is the construction team leader with a natural talent for design and creative building solutions.



The Raymonds have a strong tie to the land from their life in the snow-clad forests of Maine to their present bond with the ancient mountains and streams of the Shendandoah Valley. They sincerely believe in the core values of trust, respect, caring and responsibility. And these values carry over from their personal life to their passion for growing a house into a home as a living expression of its inhabitants. Unlike many builders, these private beliefs are woven into the fabric of the Merlin Homes business. You’ll sense the difference this makes when you meet them in person.


Just as character is vital to each person, the character of your home is vital to its integrity and longevity. It’s a marriage of hundreds of details such as the grade of lumber, the quality of plumbing and wiring, the mastery of materials and how they are crafted into a solid, durable structure. The Merlin Homes family builds what you don’t see behind the walls to the very same high standards of what you do see.


The Raymonds’ attitude toward homebuilding is to make it a satisfying partnership that expresses your lifestyle and to help make the process an enjoyable one. It’s not just about bricks and mortar but also about the spirit of what is being created. They walk the talk, staying with you every step of the planning and construction process. Then after your home comes alive with your presence, they followup for a year to assure that you are completely satisfied. The Merlin Homes Iron Clad Satisfaction Warranty. When you receive your keys you’ll also receive your closing package. It contains not only your warranty but a detailed description of the Merlin Homes service program, a copy of final specifications and all appliance manuals and warranties.

On The Money

An important feature of Merlin Homes virtual modeling is that every stick of lumber, every stone, every nail, bolt, window and faucet, is considered in the estimate.. This results in a realistic estimated cost that includes our fixed management fee. You and your bank have an upfront projection of the cost of materials, engineering, labor, and permit fees required. Our profit is based on our estimate. Any savings are passed directly to the client and extra expenses are only added at actual cost. No overhead or added margins are added assuring we are always working for the best interests of our clients. Although there may be small delays from uncontrollable factors such as bad weather, you should expect the building process to be completed on time and on budget. Adjustments to the plan are the direct result of change orders requested by you. These should be minimal because of the exacting initial planning and Merlin Homes cost control methods. It goes back to the character and experience of the Raymonds. During this partnership with you, they become your extended family. And their pledge is to be faithful to their promises.