Dale Raymond's Professional License

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The Process

The Merlin Homes theme isn’t just an advertising catch phrase. Every aspect of building your home is checked and evaluated by Dale Raymond, PhD, licensed by the State of Virginia’s Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation as a Professional Engineer. Dale’s 30-plus years of experience and his personal involvement is complete assurance that your custom home has rock solid construction. Does any other builder you might be considering have a Professional Engineer on your project from start to finish?

For optimum efficiency (and lowest cost for you), Merlin Homes uses an integrated management system. Every stick of lumber, every stone, every nail, bolt, window and faucet is considered first. You, and your bank, have an up front detailed estimated cost of materials, engineering, labor, fees and permits. With a realistic assessment of cost and a fixed management fee, any variations are managed to assure the most favorable final outcome. Aside from uncontrollable factors such as weather, you can expect building to be completed on time and on budget.

It's more than a floorplan,
It's a Virtual Tour!

Be as free and creative as you wish. It’s like magic that the Merlin of legend would envy. Merlin Homes’ virtual modeling takes a lifeless floor plan and changes it into colorful three-dimensional spaces that await your imagination. Donald works from your clippings, pictures, sketches or floor plans you like or that he can propose. Then with practiced skill and computer-assisted design programs, he converts the material into three-dimensional images. You can create your home on the computer monitor, room by room at first. Then select colors and textures, place appliances and furniture of your choice. View each room from every angle. Move walls, change your mind, select new combinations. All the while unseen in-the-wall engineering is taking place…the supporting structure for your home.

Then select the exterior appearance including roofing, side materials and colors, even landscaping. View your result from any angle, front, back and sides, down or up. Want a bay window there? An easy change. Move the front door a little to the right? No problem. When all is finished you have an incomparable understanding of what your new home will be in ways not possible by just viewing floor plans.

The Personal Touch

A responsive envelope of caring will surround your homebuilding journey. Before, during and after construction, Merlin Homes focuses on the custom in customer because each family has special needs and desires to manifest their personal lifestyle. What’s the community like? The kinds of stores, religious life, entertainment, culture, and education sources? What about soil tests, zoning laws, property restrictions? Merlin Homes is there for you all the way.

Alysan is an integral part of Merlin Homes approach. She is knowledgeable about the region’s culture and resources and a skilled counselor for many concerns such as selecting fixtures, colors, floor coverings, appliances and lighting. She can advise on the many important intangibles like appearance and spaces that are important to the homemaker. She understands how meaningful it is to have appropriate continuing contact with you given your personal situation and hopes. Beyond the business of your building project, Alysan will respond to any of your interests or questions, a companion to help guide your way through the labyrinth leading to your new life.